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Hotian hundred sets of Micro Mini lighting charging system us


  Wild China, beautiful Tibet, hamilton, trees green, clear water, sky blue; When you walk into Tibet, you will believe that there is the most holy and pure land in the world. When you walk through Tibet, that peace will always be in your heart, the longer, the more mellow. She is beautiful, but very fragile, ecosystem balance is very unstable, once destroyed, it is difficult or even impossible to restore. Her beauty needs to be guarded.

  In order to solve the problem of using electricity for the basic living of the forest farm keepers in Tibet, the personnel in charge of the forest farm saw on our official website the "auspicious three treasures" mini lighting charging system. They were asked to design a more powerful solar-powered portable small power generation system that can be charged and illuminated by mobile phones. Due to our mature experience in controller design, we have experienced a week of R & D design and testing. And two-day intensive production of 200 sets of Hada mini mini lighting charging system sent to Tibet.

  The solar portable small power generation system has a maximum load of up to 20W, and if the 5W DC light bulb illuminates sustainably for 40 hours after the system is fully charged.The mini lighting charging system is equipped with two DC 12V ports and one USB interface, which can charge and drive DC fans for various brands of mobile phones.Super power storage design allows mobile phones to browse news or watch TV dramas if they have enough traffic or storage space.The solar panel is a 50W monocrystal. On a sunny day in Tibet, the miniature mini lighting charging system can be filled with electricity on the same day.

  People and nature live in harmony, new energy is the messenger of harmony, mini lighting charging system allows you to use electricity.