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Combination of Hotian Solar Panel and Electric vehicle

  Zhang Zhan,a physics teacher at China National Petroleum University,has always been interested in novel products.In order to facilitate commuting,he recently bought an electric car to take his place.After using it for some time.Professor Chun discovered a problem,that is,the electric car is not enough electricity,the car can not run far away from the electricity.

  After thinking.Professor Zhan decided to use solar power to make up for the battery life of an electric vehicle.Through a web search,he found Hotian New Energy Co.,Ltd.,and purchased five 40w solar panels.The 5 panels are connected to the positive and negative electrodes of the battery through the controller and refitted successfully.

  Professor Zhan drove a solar-powered electric car on the road in Dongying,where the school is located,and attracted a lot of public attention and heated discussion.

  Professor Chun is not only a person with a strong sense of curiosity,but also a serious person.What is the actual effect of putting a battery panel on an electric vehicle?This requires a scientific data.Professor Chun began the experimental test.Without solar panels,the electric vehicle takes an average of the distance it travels every day,and the solar panel takes an average of the distance it travels every day.After several days of repeated experiments,the professor finally came up with his own data-the electric car plus solar panels,the ability to improve the capacity of 22 km.

  With the addition of solar panels,Professor Chun's electric car is a real addition.There is no need to worry about the battery life of an electric vehicle.