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Application of solar insecticidal lamp in agriculture

  In order to solve the damage caused by pests and diseases to crops, to develop and popularize green energy healthy food and to reduce pesticide residues, the Ministry of Agriculture is currently advocating the use of solar insecticidal lamps to prevent pests and diseases.

  Dongzhi County in Anhui Province is a water township in the south of the Yangtze River. There are mountains and water, farmland and land, beautiful scenery, rich products and developed agriculture. Dongzhi County Agriculture Bureau and Finance Bureau respond to the national call. The action plan "accelerating the application of insecticidal lights in agriculture" was launched, with a wide range of knowledge and field visits. Dongzhi County Bureau of Agriculture and Finance Bureau finally selected Zhejiang Shaoxing Hotian New Energy Co., Ltd. products. Dongzhi County in the village of the first to use solar insecticidal lamp. At present, 40 solar insecticidal street lamps and solar insecticidal lamps have been installed and put into use.

    Compared with the traditional lamp solar lamp, no longer need to pull the wire to the field, the use of low cost, arbitrarily large, easy to move, can be placed in any place. But whether the solar street lamp or solar insecticidal lamp performance is very stable, beautiful style design, the effect is very good, not only saving energy but also reduce the production cost of living, very satisfied with the villagers.

  After a day of photosynthesis in the west, the sun closed its eyes to keep up, and the intersecting solar insecticidal lights made up a natural mosquito net over the field. They should sleep better!