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Combination of Hotian solar panel and battery car



  A few days ago, Mr. Zhang of Tongzhou District, Beijing, installed a solar off-grid system with solar panels in his courtyard.After a period of use, Mr. Zhang felt that solar power generation was both economical and environmentally friendly. He thought about his own electric car. Think about whether solar panels can be installed on an electric car.With such questions in mind, Mr. Zhang asked Hotian New Energy Co., Ltd. professionals who told them that solar panels could be installed on an electric car to keep the car afloat. Mr. Zhang is very happy. According to his demand, install civil-grade flexible solar panels for electric car.


  The flexible solar panel of civil grade is made of imported sunpower solar cell silicon wafer, and it is encapsulated with polymer material. It has the capability of bending at will, completely fits the curved surface, and is light and beautiful. The installation is simple. It is suitable for all kinds of curved surfaces and can be bent at will. It expands the range of use of solar panels and makes up for the aesthetic defects of solar panels with only straight lines and no curves in the past.