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Perfect combination of Photovoltaic and Horticultural Modelin

  Hotian new energy independent photovoltaic products installation completed today,the project is located in Hangzhou City scenic spot of an upscale residential district,the design of the residential area is very focused on environmental protection and architectural integration,above the pavilion.Both sides of the bridge guardrail are paved with battery panels,which are not only perfectly seamless with the shape of the building,but also look beautiful and generous.Our technicians and R&D personnel after many days of careful design,solar panels shape and beauty to win customer recognition.
  Looking from the air,the shape of community gardening and the perfect combination of new energy photovoltaic products,like a beautiful picture presented in front of our eyes,and the lighting of all the electricity from photovoltaic energy,so.This fashionable dress looks gorgeous and not extravagant.

  Hotian New Energy mainly produces special solar panels:industrial flexible panels,BIPV,circular solar panels,rectangular solar panels,etc.,which have been used in saloon cars and photovoltaic greenhouses.Sun room,horticultural modeling and other occasions,product quality by the majority of users.