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Household solar power system settled in Tongzhou district, Be

  Mr.Zhang in Tongzhou district of Beijing has been installing a solar power system with new energy sources in its courtyard.The household solar power generation system uses solar BIPV to generate electricity,stores electric energy in the battery,and then converts the direct current in the battery to household alternating current through the inverter,which is used directly by the power supply equipment.
  Some plants were planted in the courtyard of Mr.Zhang's family.Mr.Zhang asked for power supply without affecting plant growth.According to Mr.Zhang's demand for electricity and light,BIPV assembly is installed.The builder installed six pieces 150W total 900W BIPV assemblies above his courtyard.The household solar power generation system is designed as solar power priority and municipal power reserve.The switch is developed independently by Hotian.When solar power is sufficient,the equipment gives priority to solar power generation;When the solar power can not meet the demand of the equipment,the household solar power system automatically switches to the urban electricity.When solar power is restored,the household solar power system is switched to solar power.This approach ensures both green power and continuous supply on rainy days.

  The domestic solar power generation system will be installed and completed under the efforts of the construction personnel in the field.After commissioning,the power generation will be formally operated.