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Hotian 10KW enterprise roof off grid power station

  Mr.You love the application of new energy,their main production are produces aluminum doors and windows,enterprises located in Chaoyang Beijing.I have always wanted to install a photovoltaic grid-connected power station on the roof of the factory building,saving energy and environmental protection as well as electricity bills.At the same time,I can also get government subsidies.I have been submitting grid-connected procedures for nearly half a year,but I have been unable to approve them.Mr.You doesn't want to wait any longer.No grid power,then use photovoltaic off-grid power station bar,energy conservation and environmental protection is also a good thing,can also save some electricity.
  After discussions with new energy technicians,Mr.You decided to use solar energy for office lighting and computer equipment in the monitoring room.The solar power system(solar generator)is designed to be a complementary city and a solar priority.That is,when the solar power is sufficient,the equipment gives priority to the power generated by the solar power generation system;When the power generated by the solar power generation system can not meet the needs of the equipment,the solar power generation system automatically switches to the urban electricity.When solar power is restored,solar power systems switch to solar power.

  Himself is to do steel structure,the solar support is no stranger,install the solar support for two days,construction staff in place,after a day of intensive construction and commissioning.The whole solar power system works well and switches normally.


After sales maintenance

 Hotian new energy solar panel has a service life of 25 years, 20 years of efficiency loss not higher than 20%, solar panel warranty for 5 years and inverter warranty for 2 years.

Distributed grid connected power plants need protection and maintenance when they are used. They are often cleaned and overhauled to extend the service life of photovoltaic panels as long as possible, so that residents can maximize their profits. 


         What are the considerations for customers to maintain solar panels themselves?

  1.Check the battery board is damaged, to be found in time, timely replacement.

  2.Check whether the connection line of the battery board and the ground wire are in good contact with each other , and there is no shedding phenomenon .

  3.Check the battery plate support has no loosening and breaking.

  4.Check the panel surface for any covering.

  5.Check the struvite on the surface of the battery panel and clean it if necessary .

  6.The cleanliness of the battery panel was evaluated.

  7.The gale weather should carry on the key inspection to the battery board and the suppo8. Greater Snow should clean up the panels in time to avoid snow and ice on the panels.

  8.Greater Snow should clean up the panels in time to avoid snow and ice on the panels.

  9.Heavy rain should check all waterproof seals are good, there is no leakage phenomenon.

 10.Hail weather should be the focus of the panel surface inspection.

 Safety problems in cleaning photovoltaic panels

 To avoid electric shock injury to the person while wiping the assembly under intense light , and damage to the photovoltaic panel assembly , it is recommended that the assembly be cleaned at a later time in the morning or in the afternoon.It is recommended to clean the glass surface of photovoltaic module with a soft brush to avoid damage to the glass surface.In general , it is necessary to protect the photovoltaic panels at home , so as to protect the insulation gloves to use the insulation tools !