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Hotian solar power system provides power for signage signs

  The signpost indication is the direction sign of the city road,is the focal point of the city construction!Wandering journeyonce return to hometown,hometown landmark is facing take on an altogether new aspect,guide the direction to go home;come to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the city.Visitors,the magnificent building,the sign is the guidelines before the direction of the bustling streets,road signs;that is direction of building decoration!
  The darkness was silent,and the signposts,like most buildings,needed to continue their mission.So the signpost should light itself up so that passers-by can continue to observe the route.

  New century,new energy,new world!In the planning and construction of a new civilized city,the use of a lot of new energy equipment,Tianjin Baodi District City appearance and garden management committee city in the construction of new energy for the road sign power supply:solar power!The solar power generation system is installed on the signpost to realize the independent power supply of the signpost indicator lamp.

  For the sake of beauty,the solar power system provided by Hotian New Energy Co.,Ltd on the signpost is equipped with semi-flexible solar panel and the curved radians of the upper side of the signpost.The whole solar power system is supplied by solar panels,storage battery and controller charge and discharge management.The battery size is configured according to the power consumption of the signpost,and the power of the battery panel is configured according to the capacity of the panel.In the daytime solar panels will convert light energy into electricity stored in the battery night controller to timing automatically start the street light indicator switch the whole system is perfect.Ensure adequate power supply for streetlight indicators!

  When the lights rise,a street in Baodi district,Tianjin,lit up a signpost powered by the solar power system,and the passers-by had the correct direction!

  We can use the equipment according to the solar power system configuration!If there is any need,please call the above page for consultation.