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Hotian solar power system provides power for corridor lightin

  A person in charge of a company in Chaoyang,Beijing,has been paying close attention to photovoltaic new energy products.He wants to use wind or solar power systems to power office equipment,save energy and protect the environment,and green office.After many telephone communication with our technicians,solar power generation system is selected as the unit of corridor lighting to provide electricity.
  The company a total of three floors,all the lighting power about 2KW when all open,in order to cloudy days can work normally,in the condition of no increase in cost,the solar power with the city complementary way of priority for lighting power supply.The system gives priority to solar power supply,and when the photovoltaic system is out of power,the system automatically switches to the municipal power supply.

  Solar power systems can be used in areas where there is no electricity or frequent power outages,and solar panels can be filled with batteries built into the system in a single day with sufficient light.It can be used for induction cooker,light,TV,computer,refrigerator,fan and so on.

  If you have a free place on the top of your building,you can feel the green power brought by the solar power system.