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Application of Hotian Solar Power Generation system to Bridge

  Hotian New Energy has been working closely with the Research Institute of the Ministry of Communications,which recently wanted to monitor deck safety,vehicle flow and vehicle weight in Beijing's urban area.Collect all data and enter the relevant database for processing.But most bridges are very inconvenient to pull electricity,so researchers in the Institute want the solar power system to be used with its monitoring equipment.
  Sanyuanqiao is located at the northeast corner of Beijing Sanhuan Road,which is the junction point between the East third Ring Road and the North third Ring Road.The main road of the third Ring Road passes on the bridge,the north side of the bridge is Jingshun Road,and the south side is the Airport Expressway.It is the first overpass project in Beijing to win the National Silver Prize,and it is also one of the important transportation hubs on the third Ring Road.The Institute decided to build the first solar power supply monitoring system.At the same time,it can also better show people new energy products,in response to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction.

  The solar energy generation system adopts the full DC independent photovoltaic system.Due to the environmental constraints under the bridge,the storage battery can not be buried,so the storage battery is treated with heat preservation device.Ensure that the discharge depth of the system is not affected in winter.

  After a day of intensive construction,the equipment has been put into use.Whether day or night,whether sunny or cloudy,the monitoring system with the solar power system.Has been silently for the safety of the bridge floor guard.