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Hotian Photovoltaic Application products enter Beijing Campus

  Beijing Advanced Electronic and Information Technology School has been advocating the combination of theory and practice,focusing on the training of students'hands-on ability,Mr.Wang has been looking for opportunities.
  In recent days,Mr.Wang is popularizing photovoltaic power generation for students.In order to let students see the actual photovoltaic applications,he looks forward to a treasure spot in front of the school,which is full of sunshine.Build a solar application here,students go in and out of the school through here.

  There was a row of advertising windows in front of the school door.It was inconvenient to pull electricity,not to read at night,and not to scroll on the screen.If the solar power system was used to power it,these two problems would be solved.

  Mr.Wang still has some details need us to help him design.In order to save money,the system stops working after 12:00 in the evening,and the system needs to work on cloudy days.So in the designed system,we add two controller modules to control the working time of the lamp and motor respectively.

  In order to let students understand new energy as soon as possible,solar power system equipment shipped to school,our staff immediately carefully installed and debugged,now the solar advertising window system has been put into use in the school.Students who come and go can't help exclaiming the wonder of solar power.