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Beijing partner pushes forward Hotian Solar Power Generation

  A Beijing-based partner,influenced by the tech elite,has a unique sensitivity to science and technology.When he discovered the great potential of solar power,he directly introduced a solar hot water and solar power system.
  In order to meet its greater demand,Shaoxing Hotian New Energy Co.,Ltd.introduced the solar power system which is the priority of solar power generation in the end of August.The Hotian solar power system is equipped with 28 monocrystal panels and 8 large capacity batteries and a 4000w inverter.This solar power generation system is mainly used for computer lighting and other uses in the office area,giving priority to solar power generation.

  At the same time,they have introduced solar water pumps from the company,and plan to expand them so that places without electricity and water can enjoy the benefits of the sun's light.