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Hotian household solar power system settled in Nanping, Fujia

  Nanping,Fujian is adjacent to Wuyi Mountain.The scenery is wonderful and pleasant.It is a good place for tourism and leisure.Driving along the way,you will see beautiful villas dotted with beautiful mountains and rivers,and people who have been busy for a day.Far away from haze,aside from the noise,lie here and drink the fresh oxygen from nature.
  A few friends here rented a piece of land,in addition to leisure,but also order to raise some Loach,but in the modern city habit of people,no electricity will make them very inconvenient.Seeing the high voltage go through the top of your head,you can't use it in a hurry.By chance,you can see the news that solar energy can generate electricity,and the solar power system,which can be used for television,lighting and refrigerators,is not expensive.Cooking can use gas,and by looking up our company's website on the solar power products video,we know that our product is plug and play no installation design.The friends immediately decided to buy solar power systems for their lives.

  Now that the home solar power system has been installed,they have started to use it.Here are some photos of the site that our customers sent back for us to enjoy.