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Trial of Hetian Household Solar Power Generation system by Sh

  At 7 P.m.On August 22nd 2013,the roof of Mr.Hao in Yuci,Shanxi,was still glittering and sparking,and workers were scrambling to install solar panels.A set of home solar power system settled in this,after debugging normal operation.
  Mr.Hao,who has long been involved in the construction of rural cable networks,knows that lack of electricity affects farmers'access to all kinds of useful information on television.He is a person who likes to research and innovate.In 2008,he also won the National Department of Innovation individual Award,to solve the problem encountered in the work,he chose home solar power system,because it is a new technology.In order to ensure that the work is foolproof,we need to do experiments first.

  In many businesses,considering the convenience of after-sales service.He chose Shaoxing Hotan's home solar power system,which uses a 1200w solar panel with a 3000w inverter.The 9600wh battery,which first tries to use TV,computers,refrigerators,and familiarity with the performance of the power generation system,then tries to bring air conditioners around,Mr.Hao told a rooftop engineer who directed the installation.If solar energy is really good,put all the roofs on the solar panels.He still hopes the technology can be used in his work to build his network.