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Hotian 3.2kW household solar power generation system

  In March 7th, Mr.Ye of Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, the household solar power system test success, the whole family saw the green power in their own home electrical equipment work, ready to feel even more happy. A little effort was made to reduce haze.

 山东枣庄家用太阳能发电系统.jpg Mr. Ye's household solar power system was designed and built by Shaoxing Hotian New Energy Co., Ltd., with a total of 3.2 KW solar panels on the roof with a 5KW inverter and 8 pieces of 150AH batteries. Solar power is given priority to supply and municipal power is reserved. The switch is developed by Hotian to ensure that both green power and continuous power supply can be used in rainy overcast days.

  During the two days of construction, the Ye family expressed admiration for the fine spirit of the Hotian installers and called the company to give praise.

   The household solar power system is running normally so far, and Mr. Ye is satisfied with it. It is very convenient to use the sun to generate electricity. If the electricity is finished, it will automatically switch to the city power, without the need for operation, thus realizing a truly green environment.


Case parameters

Product name Model Quantity
Solar panel HTMO-A18-170 20
Inverter HTMC-5000 1
Controller HTMC-96 1
Battery HTMC-150 8
Solar stand      1
The switching device   1