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Hotian Solar Power Generation system provides Electric Power

  The annual average sunshine time is 1896.1 hours, the annual total solar radiation is 114.39 kcal / square centimeter, the light and energy resources are abundant. Mild climate, moderate rainfall, long frost-free period, one of the most suitable growing areas for various animals and plants, developed agriculture, rich in products, fragrant pigs, mushrooms, honey and other specialty products are famous all over the world.


       With the development of tourism and modern agriculture, the rural co-operatives were born one after another. After Mr. Yi graduated from college, the outside world seemed to have little temptation on him and was determined to develop agriculture in the countryside. Now has 100 mu orchard and 100 fragrant pig, is the local famous "landlord". This year increases investment, his worker also requests is the university student, in order to attract more outstanding talented person, Mr. Yi first completes the infrastructure, the sunlight room. Customer hall, staff canteen, dormitory are built in the orchard, and want to build a swimming pool here.

  Everything is short of Dongfeng, almost electricity, with a diesel generator for a few days, not ideal, Yi wants to use solar power system to provide electricity for his orchard, solar panels have no room to put. There are plenty of places on the roof. The basic electricity of life is solved first, watching TV, lighting, computer, fan, life pumping water and so on, using solar power generation system, burning fire and cooking or using the original gas stove.


       Mr. Yi through the network search, contact Hotian new energy, after the initial negotiations, Mr. Yi can not wait with the company's technical engineers to discuss the installation plan. After the determination of the plan. The company decided to begin construction of Mr. Yi's orchard during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.


      After three days of intensive construction, all the solar power system equipment commissioning, "it will be really beautiful, no noise, no carbon emissions, basking in the sun is another day of energy, the price is not expensive." "it's even cheaper than burning oil," Mr. Yi said to his college students. "once this is done, our orchards will also use a solar-powered pumping system.



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