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Hotian Solar Power system to the Prairie

  On August,when Shaoxing was 40 degrees hot,our engineers came 3,000km away to the cool prairie,Manzhouli,to install home solar power systems for herdsmen here.
  Here,on the prairie bordering on Russia,scattered white sheep,herdsmen for the convenience of herding,scattered settlement in their own grasslands.Because of this scattered living reason.The State Grid is difficult to extend to every household.Solar and wind energy has become the second hand of modern civilization here.

  Several herdsmen selected Shaoxing Hotian New Energy Co.,Ltd.from many manufacturers to provide electricity for them to install household solar power system.With the best configuration to meet the demand,solar panels 1200 wk,battery 9600wh.sunny weather,home solar power system normal operation,cooking,lighting,television can be satisfied.

  Here is clean energy,there are thousands of miles of blue sky and white clouds floating,there is wind blowing grass to see cattle and sheep,this is not our dream?