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Hotian Solar Power system to Wanjia-Beautiful Miyun Reservoir

  Received the solar power system construction task,the engineer from the nearby construction site to Beijing,07:30 off the train,here is already busy,may not have adapted to it.Breathing in the haze-shrouded city also seems difficult.
  To the construction site,here and the city is like two worlds.Here is an ecological park,there are more than a dozen workers working here,standing in the courtyard high,looking at the distance,here the mountains and water show,the scene.All of a sudden,the vast,boundless lake,can not see the end of the lake,Qingshan embrace the lake,majestic,so that people become particularly greedy breathing,mood has become particularly comfortable.

  Not in harmony with this view was the rumbling sound of the house in the corner of the courtyard,and when the owner was asked,he knew that there was no electricity,and that life was powered by a diesel generator.The machine was turned off after 12:00."We were hoping last week that you could come quickly and install the solar power system for us,not to hear the rumbling noise.Here really became the fairyland of the world;The diesel engine is not only a loud voice,it does not eat grass,the key is to drink oil,if it snows,if the barrels can not be delivered,we are really primitive."

  Engineers take the time to install,unpack,install,wire,assemble.Today's solar energy is very powerful,the brilliant sunshine line,the solar panel current flows into the battery,provides the sufficient safeguard for the user's electricity consumption.

  After all the debugging was completed,it was 7 o'clock in the evening,and the winter night came early.After we had issued the instruction to try it out,the master,who could not wait for it,turned on the light switch.The yard was brightened in tranquility at last;Turn on the TV,"look how clear the news is.Now,no more headphones in the noise.Solar power is good.Just give it a little sunshine!"