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Shaoxing Hotian New Energy Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2011, located in Paojiang industrial park in Shaoxing city, Zhejiang Province.The sales center is in Beijing, branch offices are in ShanXi Province and Inner Mongolia.


In response to the state's environmental protection, and actively develop new energy calls,our company is dedicated to the research and development of new energy sources (solar power),produces a series of solar energy products,which mainly include distributed PV grid-connected power station, independent photovoltaic power generation system,solar water pump, solar panel,photovoltaic parts and outdoor photovoltaic products.Over the years, the company's products are sold throughout the country,help customers solve the problems of power shortage, electricity usage and economic cost in real life,and are highly valued by clients.


Our company has independent research and development capability, self-developed 10 technical products which obtain national technical patents,one of them is patent of invention,9 of them are patent for utility models.Our company was identified as scientific and technological enterprise of Zhejiang Province and high-tech enterprise of Shaoxing City in 2014.


We obey the ISO9001 and CE quality standard 100 percent in production.Every process has strict quality control, every product is integrated into the perfect corporate culture.


"Honesty, responsibility and progress" is the value aspire of Hotian man.


In the future, Hotian new energy will adhere to the idea of “quality to survive,quality to develop, continuously innovate, actively participate in global competition to meet the growing energy needs of the world.Win-win cooperation, in the green field, support China's solar energy industry by clean energy,return the earth clean water,blue sky. 



一、Products Center

Household distributed PV grid-connected power station 

Household distributed PV grid-connected power station consists of a solar cell array and a grid connected inverter,no storage of energy through the battery,through the grid connected inverter, the electric energy is directly input to the public power grid for users to use.

Compared with household off grid solar power generation system,household distributed PV grid-connected power station omits the process of storage and release of batteries,cuts down waster of energy,saves space occupation,and reduces configuration costs.In some countries and regions,household distributed PV grid-connected power station can obtain state subsidies after connecting with electric supply(China's state subsidy is 0.42 yuan / kWh),subsidies vary from region to region. Please consult the local power company for more details.


Household off grid solar power generation system

The household off grid solar power generation system uses solar panels to generate electricity, the electric energy is stored in the battery, and then the inverter is used to convert the direct current into the domestic alternating current.

The system is an independent photovoltaic power generation system that is not connected to the public power grid,it is still available when the public power grid is powered down.

It can be configured according to the electricity demand of the ordinary family, and is suitable for remote mountainous areas where electricity is not convenient.It has advantages of simple operation, plug and play, low failure rate, energy saving, environmental protection, no pollution, no noise.


Wind& PV Complementary generation system can be used in some areas where the wind    is strong.The system stores electric energy prduced by solar cell array and wind driven generator into storage battery.When the user needs to use electricity, the inverter converts the DC stored in the storage battery into AC and sends it to the user's load through the transmission line. Solar cell array and wind driven generator generate electricity together.




   Solar Water Pumping System

   The solar water pump is powered by solar panels, and the DC generated by the solar panels is converted into AC which can be used by water pump through special inverter which has frequency conversion function for water pump.Single phase and three phase power can be both inverted. The solar water pumping system eliminates the need for battery storage,which saves cost.The system follows the natural patterns of sunset and sunrise automatically, doesn't need the tester's operation,and its maintenance effort is very low.It is an ideal green energy water pumping system which integrates economy, reliability and environmental benefits.Applicable range:agricultural irrigation, living water, barren hills governance and so on.




   Solar Panels

   Our company's products include monocrystalline silicon series,polysilicon series, flexible solar panels,building integrated PV(BIPV),etc.

   Monocrystalline silicon series:The silicon chip conversion efficiency is as high as 19.5%, the power in the unit area is larger.

   Polysilicon series:The silicon chip conversion efficiency is as high as 18%, the cost performance is higher.

   The flexible solar panels that are researched and developed by our company are packaged by toughened glass and can be bent and suitable for various curved surfaces.They have not only the same surface strength impact resistance as the ordinary solar panels, but also have the special performance that the ordinary solar panels dont have.They have not the issue that the hidden cracks caused by vibration during the transportation and usage of solar cells.

   Building integrated PV(BIPV) is a kind of technology that integrates solar power products into building.BIPV is made up of two layers of toughened glasses,two layers of EVA films and solar cells.It is suitable for agricultural greenhouses, sun rooms and so on.The biggest advantage of building integrated PV is that it has two layers of toughened glasses to solve the problem of summer light shading and winter light transmission. It has different light transmittance according to different demands.


      太阳能电池板.jpg            民用级柔性可弯曲太阳能电池板.jpg


   PV charging solution design for new energy power vehicle


   Special solar panel for touring car: The flexible solar panel which is a patent of Hotian new energy Co.,Ltd. can charge storage battery in the touring car with special inverter.It meets the demand for living electricity of touring car and is convenient for outdoor tourism. The flexible solar panel has the advantages of lightweight,easy installation,and can fit the top flexible surface of the touring car, and is beautiful and practical.


   Special solar panels for electric tricycle: The solar panels adopt the principle of photoelectric conversion to convert sunlight into electric energy,have the advantages of convenience, saving, environmental protection and prolonging the service life of the battery.The average 100W endurance is about 10-20 kilometers.Solar panels are packaged by toughened glasses,strong and durable,waterproof,shockproof,hail prevention.




   Outdoor camping


   Miniature lighting charging system:Solar panels absorb solar energy,convert it into electric energy, and store the energy in the battery.It has many features such as lighting (outdoor lighting, household lighting ) and mobile phones and other digital products charging.