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Throw away the kerosene lamp, the light is around





    What do you feel about the school where there is no electricity in the classroom ? A school has only one classroom , a teacher , and eight students . Sun Yat - sen , through the window , you can only see the stars shining through the kerosene lamp . What kind of touch is the children sitting there ? The school and PV power generation partner may make the picture above a slight improvement .


    Photovoltaic system mainly covers solar panels (components, inverter, controller, support, battery), which is a photovoltaic off-grid generation system.According to the manifestation of photovoltaic power generation, there are grid-connected, off-grid, energy storage. It can be used in industrial field, commercial buildings, agricultural facilities, municipal public buildings. Remote farming and pastoral areas and islands. Schools are municipal public buildings, and there are resource advantages that other objects do not have.


    Although the school does not have high energy consumption, it is also a worthy "big consumer" of electricity. School electricity costs account for a large part of the spending. Photovoltaic power generation can alleviate this part of the spending.


The school roof resources are good, the power generation environment is good. The school area has more solar energy resources than the surrounding environment, the sunshine is stable. Compared with some families and enterprises, it has unique advantages. At the same time, the school roof resources are concentrated, and the structure is suitable for installing photovoltaic off-grid power generation system.


    For the construction of energy-saving campus has the significance of publicity and education. Usually we talk about energy conservation talk about environmental protection, but most of them are on paper, when the school installed photovoltaic power system there is a realistic version of the textbook. So that teachers and students have a deeper understanding of new energy, igniting the enthusiasm of teachers and students for new energy research. Energy conservation and environmental protection can start from the student era.


    For the combination of school and photovoltaic power generation, in many areas have started to implement. For some remote areas of schools, electricity is not fully popular, many schools still rely on kerosene lamps. Candle reading and writing. Photovoltaic off-grid power generation system will be an important measure to change its lack of electricity.


    "With electricity, throw away the kerosene lamp! Such a small goal would also be closer and closer to schools in remote areas.