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Complementarities of wind and pv hybrid complementary power




    Wind power generation system has promoted the development of energy conservation and environmental protection in China. This clean, green and environmentally friendly new energy generation system will be more widely used.


    Wind and solar power generation system has made full use of the complementarity of wind and solar energy resources. It is a new energy generation system with high performance and price ratio. The utilization and development of wind energy and solar energy have been more than 3,000 years. It is an ancient and young science, an industry that can benefit from many years of investment. In many new energy fields, the development and utilization of wind power and solar power are the first priority. Because the use of wind and solar energy is not mining, no transport, no waste, no environmental pollution technology, is to protect the Earth, benefit future generations of the project.


    Wind and solar energy of wind and solar energy system are clean and abundant in reserves. Due to the influence of seasonal change and weather change, wind and solar energy are unstable. Discontinuous energy, single wind power generation or solar photovoltaic power have the defects of unstable power generation, but wind and solar energy have natural complementary advantages, that is, strong sunlight during the day, more wind at night; Wind and solar energy can form a power system independently, or a hybrid wind and solar power system, that is, wind and solar complementary power generation system. The form of power generation mainly depends on the local natural resource conditions and the comprehensive cost of power generation. It is appropriate to use wind power in areas with good wind energy resources, and solar photovoltaic power generation in areas rich in sunshine.

    In recent years, the wind and wind complementary power generation system is more and more widely used because of its complementary resources, power supply security and stability compared with the single energy generation system, and the price is in the middle.