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What is a solar photovoltaic pump?

      Solar water pump ( Solar Pumping System) is also called photovoltaic water pump , which is the most attractive water supply mode in the sunshine - rich area of the world , especially the remote areas where there is no electricity and electricity .

      Structure and principle of solar water pump : The invention relates to a photovoltaic water pump , which is characterized by comprising a photovoltaic array , a photovoltaic water - lift inverter and a water pump . 

The photovoltaic array is also called a photovoltaic module , mainly converting the solar energy into electric energy , and providing working power to the load water pump motor . 

      The photovoltaic water - lift inverter controls and regulates the operation of the solar water pump , uses the electric energy emitted by the solar array to drive the water pump , and adjusts the output frequency in real time according to the change of the sunshine intensity , so that the output power is close to the maximum power of the solar cell array . A water pump , commonly referred to as a pump , is commonly referred to as a pump by increasing the pressure of the liquid , conveying the liquid or increasing the pressure of the liquid , i.e . changing the mechanical energy of the prime mover into liquid energy to achieve the purpose of pumping liquid . 

      The solar photovoltaic water pump is an opto - mechanical integrated system which develops rapidly in recent years , and drives direct current , permanent magnet , brushless , non - position sensor , fixed - rotor double - plastic sealing motor or high - efficiency asynchronous motor or high - speed switch reluctance motor to drive the high - efficiency water pump through maximum power point tracking and transformation , control and other devices to drive the high - efficiency water pump from the surface of the surface to the ground for irrigation or human - livestock drinking . The present system has good long - acting economy , especially in developing modern agriculture industry in arid areas , bringing great economic benefits and social benefits . The development of this new environment - friendly energy - saving product will undoubtedly bring great economic and social benefits to the development industry , development economy , especially the development of modern agriculture in arid areas .

  Solar pump is divided into two series: DC pump and AC pump, in which DC pump motor drive mode is divided into DC brushless motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor.


Solar pumps own advantages: 

(1) Reliable: photovoltaic power rarely used moving parts, reliable work. 

(2) Safety, no noise, no other pollution. No solid, liquid and gas harmful substances, absolute environmental protection.

(3) Simple installation and maintenance, low operating cost, suitable for unattended, etc., especially for its high reliability. 

(4) Good compatibility, photovoltaic power generation can be used in conjunction with other sources of energy, but also can make photovoltaic system according to the need very convenient capacity. 

(5)The standard level is high, can satisfy the different electricity demand by the module series-parallel connection, the universality is strong. Solar energy is available everywhere and has a wide range of applications. 

However, solar system also has its disadvantages, such as: energy dispersion, intermittent, strong regional, high upfront costs.


Features of solar pump products: 

Product features: long life, low power consumption, low noise, speed balance, reliable operation, no interference, etc.