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What are the classifications of solar power generation

  Solar power technology can be used in any need of power, from spacecraft, down to home power, from megawatt power stations to small toys. Photovoltaic power can be ubiquitous. Solar power can be divided into the following:

  Generation mode

  Solar power generation is divided into photothermal generation and photovoltaic generation. Regardless of production, sales, development speed and development prospects, photothermal power generation is not able to catch up with photovoltaic generation. It may be that photothermal power generation is less exposed to photovoltaic power generation due to the widespread use of photovoltaic power generation. Generally speaking, solar power often refers to photovoltaic power generation, referred to as photovoltaic.

  Transportation mode

  Solar power generation is divided into independent photovoltaic generation, grid-connected photovoltaic power generation

  Off-grid photovoltaic power generation

       Independent photovoltaic system is also called off-grid photovoltaic system. It is mainly composed of solar cell module, controller and battery. To supply AC load, it is necessary to configure AC inverter. 

       Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation 

       Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system is the direct current generated by solar modules through grid-connected inverters to meet the requirements of the municipal power grid AC power which is directly connected to the public grid. Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system is divided into centralized type.           Large grid-connected photovoltaic power stations and distributed grid-connected photovoltaic power stations. Centralized large-scale grid-connected photovoltaic power plants are generally state-level power stations, the main characteristics are that the generation of direct transmission to the power grid, by the grid unified allocation to users, but this type of power plant investment is large, the construction period is long. Large area, relatively difficult to develop. 

        Distributed grid-connected photovoltaic power plants, especially the integrated photovoltaic power generation system, are the mainstream of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation due to the advantages of small investment, fast construction, small area, large policy support and so on.