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What do you know about the solar water supply system?

Solar water supply system mainly consists of water pump, solar water pump inverter. Solar panels and cisterns. The system uses solar power to drive the pump to lift water to meet the household's daily living water needs (optional water purification device, without the use of electricity, diesel generators. Battery, water storage instead of energy storage, especially for water shortage areas.


The main components of the photovoltaic pump system function


1, Photovoltaic array

It is composed of several photovoltaic modules series-parallel, absorbs sunlight radiation energy, and converts it into electric energy, that is, solar power generation, which provides power supply for the whole system. 

2, Solar pump inverter 

In order to ensure the full application of solar power, the real-time control and regulation of the operation of the solar water lifting system can ensure the rated operation of the system when the sunshine is sufficient and the lowest operating frequency is set when the sunlight is insufficient. 

3, Pump

It can be used to lift water from deep wells or rivers and lakes, to inject water tank, or directly to irrigation or fountain systems, such as DC pump, AC pump, centrifugal pump, axial flow pump, mixed flow pump, deep well pump and so on.



                                                 Schematic diagram of domestic water supply system solution



Social and Economic benefits of Photovoltaic pump system 

For a long time, how to solve the problem of water and water supply in mountainous, arid, grassland and desertification areas has been a technical problem puzzling the development of agriculture and animal husbandry and ecological construction at home and abroad. 

In recent years, photovoltaic pump system to meet the large-scale farmland, grassland, desert and other demand markets, can be widely used in remote areas without electricity, lack of electricity water for human and livestock, farmland irrigation. Desert management. The system can be used flexibly in farmland irrigation without any external energy, provide clean drinking water for human and livestock, develop courtyard economy, beautify the park, construct color fountains, and raise fish. The application of photovoltaic pump system without battery can save the cost of battery replacement, reduce the pollution caused by battery to the environment, and accord with the strategy of sustainable development of our country.