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3kwh solar power generation system


Product introduction


    The household off grid solar power generation system uses solar panels to generate electricity, the electric energy is stored in the battery, and then the inverter is used to convert the direct current into the domestic alternating current.  

     The system is an independent photovoltaic power generation system that is not connected to the public power grid,it is still available when the public power grid is powered down.

     It can be configured according to the electricity demand of the ordinary family, and is suitable for remote mountainous areas where electricity is not convenient.It has advantages of simple operation, plug and play, low failure rate, energy saving, environmental protection, no pollution, no noise.



 1kwh solar power generation system

3kwh solar power generation system
6kwh solar power generation system


Product parameters

The system generates 3kwh electric energy per day.





Remarks: 1. The generating capacity is different according to different lighting time.

                 2. The total power of loads is less than 2000W.


      Please tell us the name,power,quantity and average daily use time of loads,we will configure suitable scheme for you.

Installation method

      The power distribution cabinet contains an inverter, a controller, and a storage battery inside. You just need to follow the instructions to connect the solar panels to the distribution cabinet.After you make sure the line is properly connected, you can turn on it.






Order process


Case show

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