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340W monocrystalline solar panel


Product introduction

Brand: Hotian

Solar panel is also called PV module.It is a device that absorbs solar energy and converts it into electric energy.

Solar panel concludes monocrystalline solar panel and polycrystalline solar panel.

Monocrystalline solar panel:its color is black,service life is 25 years,and it has higher stability.

Product parameters


Product advantages


1.The conversion efficiency of monocrystalline cells is as high as 19%.

2.Aluminum frame of solar panel has high intensity and strong mechanical shock resistance.

3.Normal power tolerance limits(-5~+5%)

4.IEC61215 standard hail prevention test.

Scope of application


Solar pump system


②Wind & PV complementary generation system


1.power source: (1) 10~1000W small power source for lighting,TV,radio,etc.It is suitable remote                         areas without electrcity such as plateau, island, pastoral area, frontier sentry and so on.

                (2)3~5KW household grid-connected generation system.

                (3)Solar pump system:applied to irrigation and living water for water shortage areas without electricity.    


2.Traffic field: power supply for beacon lights, traffic lights,railway sign lights,high altitude obstruction lights,etc.

3.Communication field: power supply for unattended microwave relay station, optical cable maintenance station,broadcasting station,small communication machine, soldier GPS,etc.

4.Petroleum, marine and meteorological fields: cathodic protection solar energy power supply system for petroleum pipeline and reservoir gate,life and emergency power supply for oil drilling platform,marine inspection equipment,meteorological/ hydrographic observation equipment,etc.

5.Lamp power supply:garden lamp, street lamp, portable lamp, camping lamp,climbing lamp, fishing lamp,black light lamp,rubber tapping lamp,energy-saving lamp.

6.PV plant: 10KW~50MV PV plant, Wind& PV complementary generation system,charging station of large parking plant. 


7.Solar building: Integrating solar panels with building materials for power supply of building is  a major development direction in the future.


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